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Address the Pain Point - Today, businesses are transforming and integrating technology into the core of their operations. From brand communication and business processes, to marketing, product and service delivery, technology is in the heart of everything.

Technology should solve the problems that slow down the business. It should remove the pain. More than ever, you need a partner who will align the correct technology to your business interests. We are that partner.

Look at this site. We start with the idea and Design Thinking. We design purposefully. This site is aligned to our business. We work at enabling brands reach their audience.

We are a graphic, web and motion design, web and mobile development boutique. We work in graphic, web and motion picture technologies. We build on brand and to high quality from the start. That is the most concise way to explain ourselves. Have a look at our projects to get a true picture.


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Build a Good Solution - Tell us everything. What do you value? Where do you want to start? Who are your customers? Where do you want to go next with them? Why should they care about you? For us, every project is always new and exciting. We seek to enjoy our work and our relationship with our clients.

A project always starts with collaboration. It could be as intense as brand design to as technical as CTO-as-a-service.

Talking of services, the latest client engagement is being touted as Service Design Thinking.

Really, that is what we do. Together, we visualise where we want to get to. We collectively define the "it". Only then do we set goals for the weeks to come, determining the metrics for success.

In the development process, we deliver the narrative of what the user can achieve on each application interface or what your audience will traverse through the content and across media.

We collect assets, understand the project scope, interview users, digging in to understand the industry, the competition and the opportunities.

We endevour to make things shine. We add animations, transitions and other components to improve the user's experience. We design, develop and deliver. Herein is the "art".

Our aim is always to find our audience, fit the market and create customers.


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Communicate with Your Customers - Once you launch the product or service, we know it is not enough. We want the visitor be accustomed to you. We develop engaging content for you. We set up analytic and monitoring systems to receive product/service user feedback. Feedback comes directly or through social network platforms. We expect the undertaken analysis to inform on what needs to be improved.

We believe that through our work, we not only grow businesses, but you also grow relationships with your audiences.

A lot of what we have said might not stick. If you remember anything, remember Afroshok's "A.B.C."

Go on, send us an email and we can have a chat @wave.

How It Works


Design Stage

The main delivery process is the Web. A lot of people know what is possible now. For a new project, there may be previous components that can be repurposed. However, many times we design and build everything from scratch.

We take the designs through a number of iterations on paper and through tools we use to engage our client while we explore the best design and flow.

Interestingly, we have found that Agile methodology can be used for any type of project, targeting what is important at that time while keeping an eye on the end goal. Life happens. Good ideas pop up. Specifications change as something becoming clearer while in progress. We plan for this too.


Development Stage

For all projects, we sketch and bring everything to life through high-fidelity mockups, which are presented for feedback. This is a critical point. What the client wants in the look of the application and perception of the brand is established here.

When mockups are approved we get busy producing engaging content and cranking out efficient and reusable code. Magic happens.

We strive to centre the experience on the user, not the client and not us. This is fine-tuned through feedback.


Deployment Stage

Think of video gaming and alternative "realities"(AR/MR/VR). The lines between application, platform and content continue to blur. We have delivered many digital solutions, any of the three or a combination of all.

For the Web, we host with the top tier service providers, either locally or internationally or both. As the need arises, we work with a client to configure private, hybrid or public Cloud solutions.

We are old and new “Full Stack” web developers building increasingly API driven platforms. With our developers coming from award winning teams, we consult on web and native app strategy.

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